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Corporate Real Estate Advisor Report Cards

The following are Performance Questionnaires filled out periodically by our national and local corporate real estate clients.  Each corporate real estate client response evaluates the quality of 24-year veteran John Tobin's national office tenant representation services during the performance period.

 > National financial services company with over 100 offices.
 > Corporate Real Estate Manager and V.P. evaluates John's  national services over  a 4 year period.


> National financial services company with over 150 offices.
> Corp. Real Estate Manager and V.P. evaluates John Tobin's national services over a 2 year period.

> United States Government Real Estate Consultant Report:  Office market conditions of 2 U.S.         Government office buildings totaling 205,000 sq. ft.    Team Leader evaluates John's services.

  > Expansion and relocation of 7,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters of wealth management consulting firm to higher quality location and building.  Helped firm negotiate 100% turnkey improvements, early lease termination, lease extension and expansion rights, free rent, and below market rental rates over a 7 year lease term.  Project Team Leader evaluates John's office tenant representation services over an 8 month period.


 > Consulting firm relocates 9,000 sq. ft. headquarters office facility.
 > President and CEO evaluates John Tobin's services.


 > Law firm purchases 17,000 sq. ft. downtown office property.
 > Sole owner and President of law firm evaluates John Tobin's services.


 > National marketing firm opens new office.
 > CEO evaluates John Tobin's services.

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